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Fuel System Diagrams


Filter Cartridges

There are two types of Algae-X spin-on fine filters available.

1. The standard 3, 10 or 25 micron fine filter.
2. The special 3 or 10 micron water block fine filter.

The Algae-X Water Block incorporates polymer technology removing entrained and emulsified water from fuel and oil.

WB-3AZ Water Block 3 micron
WB-10AZ Water Block 10 micron
FF-3 3 micron
FF-10 10 micron
FF-25 25 micron

Water Sensor Alarm

The Water Sensor Alarm monitors the amount of water in your tank.

Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges monitor pressure and let you know when the filter needs to be changed.

Rotor Sight Glass

The Rotor Sight Glass used on the ALGAE-X Mobile Tank Cleaners is a useful to watch the fuel flow while cleaning tanks.



The intake/suction hose used on the ALGAE-X Mobile Tank Cleaners is made of clear, see-through reinforced Poly-Wire PVC. The return hose is blue, non-marking, high quality, LOL Plus fuel hose. Both hoses are equipped with quick disconnect couplings.

Flow Meter

Digital Flow Meter measures how much fuel has been treated with the ALGAE-X Mobile Tank Cleaner or Fuel Polishing System.

Water Finding Paste

To determine the amount of water and sludge in a tank an old and tried method is called "sticking the tank." This means using a stick with "Kolor Kut" paste on the end that reaches through the top all the way to the bottom of the tank. Kolor Kut paste will show the water level in the tank and indicate how much water and sludge will have to be removed.

Fuel Pumps available in sizes from 72 gallon per hour to 1,560 gallon per hour.

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